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How it Works FAQ

Wish eLists

Creating a Wish eList enables you to track pertinent info regarding properties of interest. No fees are required to add your home choice to a Wish eList. You will be required to create an account in order to retain the information. Your Wish eList is matched up with a rental application allowing you to be notified of Open House schedules, changes in the properties availability or rent discounts. Properties in your Wish eList can be added, removed and prioritized by favorites. Set 4 for the most Favorite and 0 for the least.
Note: Adding a home to your Wish eList will not mark the home as rented/taken/occupied/leased/unavailable. If your application is denied the Wish eList will be automatically removed and cannot be restored.
Rentals denoted as Reserved are properties which an application has been approved and the deposit has been placed. Properties marked as Rented are no longer available for rent and will remain on your Wish eList for you receive future updates.

Open House Receive a attentive home tour by dedicated staff allowing an opportunity to visualize it as your residence.
Select homes will be scheduled for an Open House (usually mid-afternoons on Saturdays & Sundays). Utilize our Advanced Search feature to bring up properties schedulings of our Open Houses.

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